Susies Animal Ark Transport 
Small Animal Road Transport QLD NSW VIC SA

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We have a variety of available cage sizes to house your pets during transport. Below is a guide as to what fits in what cage.

Cage Size A - 400H x 420W x 600D

Poultry & Gamefowl - suitable for bantam breed birds

Waterfowl - suitablefor  bantam & small breed ducks, also ducklings or goslings off heat

Cats - suitable for Kittens & Adult Cats

Pheasants - ideal for Pheasants as these cages have padded roofs

Cage Size B - 520H x 440W x 750D

Poultry & Gamefowl - suitable for medium to large breed birds

Waterfowl - suitable for medium to large breed ducks & geese

Peafowl - suitable for adult peafowl with NO Train

Dogs - ideal for Puppies & small breed dogs

Cage Size C - 900W x 600D x 650H (limited number of cages available)

Poultry & Gamefowl - suitable for almost all breeds if large numbers are being transported together

Waterfowl - suitable for very large breeds of Geese

Peafowl - will accomodate a male with train but movement is still restricted : ok for short journeys

Cage Size D - Guinea Pig Transport

Cage Size E - Small Parrot Transport

Cage Size F - Large Parrot Transport

Cage Size G - Heated Chick Transport for Chicks 1-4 weeks old

Trailor Berth - Large Dog Transport or Small Livestock