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Animal Transport Agreement – Terms and Conditions that form part of our conditions of Transportation and by transporting with us you accept the following:- accepting a quote for Transport followed by Payment for Transport Services engages this agreement.

1. Any price or quotation provided by Susies Animal Ark Transport is based on the information provided by the owner of the animal as to the size of the animal and the location of pick up or delivery. Susies Animal Ark Transport reserves the right to increase the price in the event that the information upon which the price was quoted was incorrect or has altered.

2. Any price provided by Susies Animal Ark Transport is for the transport and care of the animal/s and does not include Insurance of any kind for animals during travel.

3. Insurances where required must be arranged and paid for by the owner.

4. Payments are to be made prior to delivery by EFT. A Tax Invoice will be produced prior to Susies Animal Ark Transports departure. All accounts are prepaid. For security reasons, Cash on Delivery is NOT available. 

5. All Paid and Confirmed Bookings are NON Refundable. If the booking is cancelled, funds are placed into Credit for future use. 

COVID-19 Global Pandemic Supplement : Any delays in service as a result of the COVID-19 Virus, GFC or Global Recession will see all bookings honored in due course should the service be delayed, postponed or cancelled. Refunds will NOT be made under any circumstance if the interruption to service is COVID-19 related including the GFC and/or Global Recession. 

6. In the event Susies Animal Ark Transport arrives to collect an animal/s but cannot contact the previously arranged contact person the booking shall be treated as a cancelled booking and the driver shall continue on the scheduled run. In the event that Susies Animal Ark Transport arrives to deliver an animals/s but cannot contact the previously arranged contact person the booking shall be treated as a cancelled booking and the driver shall continue on the scheduled run. Additional fees may apply for the care and maintenance of the animal/s whilst remaining in our care. Susies Animal Ark Transport reserves the right to charge an additional Transportation Fee for the re-delivery of the animal/s and any associated fees.

7. Any times provided by Susies Animal Ark Transport for pick up or delivery of animals is estimated only. Whilst we do go to great lengths to ensure we can maintain an appropriate timetable it is inevitable that at times we will be required to make alterations to our timetable due to the volume of bookings, traffic and weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns or any other reason beyond our control. We accept no liability for any loss, cost or inconvenience suffered by any party as a result of any alteration to our timetable. In the event an animal is required to be kenneled or boarded for any reason including travel or collection delays all boarding costs are the owners responsibility. 

8. Whilst Susies Animal Ark Transport conducts itself with the utmost care and attention to clients’ animals, they are handled under the understanding that Susies Animal Ark Transport are not to be held responsible for any loss, death, illness, injury or accident due to any cause whatsoever. 

9. Ark Air Transport Bookings are flown using the carrier Virgin Domestic Freight. Arks duty of care is not extended for the period of time animals are under the care of Virgin Domestic Freight as we no longer have any influence or control over the well being of the animal/s.
NO Food or Water is provided to animals whilst under the care of Virgin Domestic Freight from the time of loading through to when the animals are collected from the receiving Airport. This is Virgins Terms and Conditions and Ark signs a Virgin form at the time of loading acknowledging this. Ark ensures animals are fed and watered prior to loading to ensure they are well hydrated.

10. It is the owner’s responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the details of their transport arrangements and to notify Susies Animal Ark Transport of any relevant details regarding their animal/s that may affect sale or appropriate transport. Where any animal/s are collected from or delivered to another animal transporter or third party at the request of the owner Susies Animal Ark Transport  accepts no liability for any loss, death, illness, injury or accident due to any cause whatsoever whilst the animal is in the care of that other party.

11. In the event that any dispute may not be reasonably resolved by the parties and legal action becomes necessary the Caboolture District of Queensland’s Magistrates court shall be deemed to be appropriate jurisdiction for filing of such legal action by either party.

12. It is a Condition of transport that Susies Animal Ark Transport are authorised to seek veterinary attention should this be required whilst animals are in our care. Any veterinary charges incurred are the owner’s responsibility and will be on charged to the animal’s owner. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform Susies Animal Ark Transport of any illness, medical conditions or special needs relevant to their animal prior to the animal being collected.

13. It is a policy of Animal Ark Transport that all Cats and Dogs (including Puppies and Kittens) be fully vaccinated prior to boarding. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their animal is vaccinated and protected. Susies Animal Ark Transport will require a copy of current vaccination certificates in order for the animal to board our vehicle.

14. It is Susies Animal Ark Transport policy to exercise dogs whilst in our care. There is an increased risk of loss or injury whilst animals are being exercised and it is the owner’s responsibility to inform Susies Animal Ark Transport if they do not want their animal to be exercised whilst in our care.