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Susies Animal Ark Transport 

Small Animal Road Transport QLD NSW VIC SA

Voucher Redemption Terms & Conditions

1 - Susies Animal Ark issues Transport Vouchers for special events and other purposes for the sole use of the Voucher Holder. Each Voucher issued is recorded in our database for cross reference when being utilised. 

2 - Transport Vouchers have an expiry date and this date will not be automatically extended if the voucher expires. 

3 - Redemption of a Transport Voucher must be declared at the time of making the enquiry to ensure correct rates are quoted. 

4 - Transport Vouchers can only be used against a full rate transport and are not valid with any other special or discounted rate. If a discounted rate has been quoted prior to advising the use of a Voucher the rate will be adjusted in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. 

5 - Full Rates for a large Cage start from $155. Full Rate for a standard Cage start from $135

6 - Transport Vouchers are NOT transferable and are only valid for the use of the Voucher Holder in which their name is recorded in our Voucher Database.